About us

We are a team of professionals located on the Canary Islands with many years of experience in the tourism industry.

What do we offer?

As we are a group of experts of hotels and apartments, we help you to find the best option for your vacation all over the Canary Islands, as well as on the mainland of Spain and the Balearic Islands, we adapt to your needs in an user-friendly and cost-efficient way.

How to search for hotels?

To make a search query write your desired destination, select the arrival and departure dates and fill in the number of persons. If you have any promotion code this is the moment to enter it. Once the fields have been filled in, click on the button “Search”. After some seconds a new window will open with the best selection of hotels.
If you want, you can also check our most popular destination in the Canary Islands, mainland Spain and Balearic Islands. To do that, just click on the button “Canary Island” or “Mainland Spain and Balearic Islands” according to your preferences and automatically there opens a new window with the most popular destinations in the area you have selected.

And if I want to search for a particular hotel?

Write the name of the accommodation directly in the search query and click on “Search hotels”. As easy as that!

Can I filter the results according to my preferences?

You can filter and personalize the results in your search query to find exactly what you want. To do that, you have the option to restrict the search results by type of accommodation, category and/or board.

How can I know which are the most popular hotels for guests?

Oceanbooking shows you a list with the ´´recommended´´ hotels, but if you click on ´´valuation´´ it will reorder the list of accommodations according to the best valued hotels by the users of TripAdvisor.

How can I choose the cheapest accommodation?

Once you have made a search, you can click on the tab ´´price´´ (at the top). The results will show you the cheapest accommodations at the first places.

Do I need to add children or babies in the reservation?

Yes, it is necessary to include all guests. Regardless or whether it is a baby, child or adult. The hotel should provide the possibility of an extra bed or a cot.

What does the price include?

All of our prices are final prices without additions. They include the type of board selected and other services of the hotel.
To see the details of the rooms, prices and the description of the hotel, press the button ´´see offer´´.

Can I make a reservation without initially paying anything? What kind of payments are there?

Yes. We have three forms of payment that are automatically assigned depending on the condition of the offer:
- Online Payment: make an online payment and enjoy your vacations through our safe web payment
- Flexible Payment: you can make your payment until 7 days before there will any costs for cancelling the reservation
- Paying at the hotel: you do not pay anything until you have arrived at the hotel. The credit card is ONLY A WARRANTY and can only be used to charge the cancellation expenses if you cancelled your reservation
There are offers in a certain accommodation where you must continue the booking process to show the payment method associated with your selection. It will always be shown before you complete the reservation.

Do I have to register to make a reservation?

This is not necessary. You only need to fill in the essential information to complete the reservation.

Is it safe to provide my data?

Oceanbooking.com uses a safe connection for your reservation. Your personal data and those of your credit card are secured. Our secure server uses ´´Secure Socket Layer´´ (SSL) technology. Our SSL certificate has been revised by GeoTrust. You can verify its activation by clicking on the image.

How can I make a special request?

During the booking process you can indicate the special request in the ´´comments´´ section.

Can I request an invoice?

During the reservation process you can select the invoice request with the introduction of your data.

How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?

When you have completed the reservation process, the confirmation page will appear. Here you will find all the information of your reservation and it is possible to download this as a PDF file. We will also send you an email with all the information of your reservation.

Can I cancel my booking through Oceanbooking.com?

Yes, we include the cancellation instructions of the reservation both on the reservation confirmation screen as in the email you receive later.

Do you have any cancellation costs?

Remember that Oceanbooking does not charge any type of commission or expense for cancellation or modification. This is always based on the special conditions of your reservation.

How do I know if my reservation has been cancelled?

Once the reservation is cancelled you will receive an email confirming the cancellation. Do not forget to check your spam folder for the email.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions at: info@oceanbooking.com