Book your holiday in Tenerife in advance and get the best price!

oferta en vuelos a tenerife

Skyscanner found out, that almost 73% of the Spanish people don´t book their flights at the best times.


At the annual Fitur Fair, Skyscanner Analysists presented a study, that 56% of all bookings at their website in the past 3 years were not done at the best price. Furthermore according to their data, 3 out of 4 Spanish people do not buy their flight tickets at the best time and therefor not at the most competitive price.



The best time to book your flight is ususally seven weeks before departure (ie. two month in advance), with that in mind, you could save up to 14% on the average ticket price. In addition the best month to travel to Spain is in May, surprisingly it is the cheapest month for flights to Spanish destinations. At that time you could even save up to 16% compared to flights in August, which is by far the most expensive month to travel.


So now you know the best way to book your flights for your holiday!  All you have to do next is enjoy your stay in beautiful Southern Tenerife with its breathtaking beaches, sunny weather and the great view of the ocean.


Take the advantage and escape from your everyday life!


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