Transgrancanaria 2015 - Gran Canaria

Transgrancanaria, Gran Canaria

The Transgrancanaria is always celebrated in the first week of March. This year from Thursday 5th until Sunday 8th of March on the island of Gran Canaria. Transgrancanaria is the name of a competition that was celebrated on the island of Gran Canaria since October 2003. In this event the participants have to cross the island by foot, counting with the help of the organization.

The Transgrancanaria was the first event of this kind, that was celebrated on the island. Arista, the organizer of the competition, has placed the Transgrancanaria as “Ultratrail reference of the national scene and showpiece of the european winter, with an ever constant presence on the world stage”.

This race features five different modes to suit the needs of all participants:

  • Transgrancanaria: DISTANCE: 125KM. ELEVATION: + 8.500 M. 30 hours.
  • Transgrancanaria Advanced: DISTANCE: 83KM. ELEVATION:+ 4.700 M. 22 hours.
  • Transgrancanaria Maraton: DISTANCE: 44KM. ELEVATION: + 1.365 M. 12 hours.
  • Transgrancanaria Starter: DISTANCE: 32KM. ELEVATION: + 818M. 10 hours.
  • Transgrancanaria Promo: DISTANCE: 17 KM. ELEVATION: +- 470M. 6 hours.


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