Madzoo Festival 2015 - Gran Canaria

Madzoo Festival 2015

On Friday 3rd April 2015, for the first time the electronic music festival “Madzoo” will be held on the island Gran Canaria. It is a new festival that will be celebrated at a spectacular area, which is called “Open Air” and which is located in the south of the island at Playa del Águila.

For sure, it will turn into the best festival in Gran Canaria, as non other than Skrillex, who is the best in his music style and whose shows are considered to be “from another world”, will be the main act of the event.

Moreover, the festival does not only have his main stage, which is dedicated to electronic dance music, with DJs such as the already mentioned Skrillex, Vato Gonzáles or The Zombie Kids, but also with a stage dedicated to the so-called “underground”-electro music, with DJs such as Ellen Allien or Radio Slave.

Don’t miss the prémiere of this epic festival!

You can find more information about the ticket sales and the program at Madzoo Festival.