Canary Islands’ Commemoration Day - May 30

Canary Islands’ Commemoration Day - 30. May

The Canary Islands’ Commemoration Day (“Día de Canarias”) is celebrated on May 30 in all seven Canary Islands. On the “Día de Canarias”, the anniversary of the first sitting of the Canary Islands’ Parliament in 1988, based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is commemorated. Since then, every year on this date, the Canary Islands celebrate this day that highlights the uniqueness of the Canary traditions with cultural events and festivals, based on the deep rootedness to the Canary Islands.

In each of the seven Canary Islands, this day is celebrated in a different way:

  • Gran Canaria: In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, this day is celebrated with the traditional procession of the “Paseo Romero Día de Canarias”. The procession walks through the streets of the capital with traditional wagons, various folklore groups and partying, in which the canarian cuisine and music play a very important role.
  • Tenerife: In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where the fundament of this special day took place in 1983, the people come together to celebrate the feeling of togetherness and love for their land. The day’s activities include, among many other traditions of Tenerife, popular traditional games, or the “legend of Drago Milenario”, all accompanied by the folklore music of the Sabandeños

    In the municipality of Santa Ursula, the day is celebrated with a traditional Crafts Fair, where more than forty artisans showing their crafts, as well as with various other activities and performances of traditional folk groups. In Adeje, in the south of the island, the festivity is celebrated with three different events, all with the aim of transmitting the old traditions to new generations, as well as to the people recently arrived on the Canary Islands. The celebrations begin with the traditional dance "Baile de Magos" on May 29, and the "Festival Imoque Desde San Sebastián" on May 30 at Plaza San Sebastián de La Caleta. On the following day, the “Concert Día de Canarias” takes places from 11:30 h at the Plaza Mirador del Duque.

  • La Gomera: In this islands, where the most ancient traditions are still preserved, the people come together in the streets and villages to celebrate this day with traditional competitive games. The little ones participate in this with the typical canarian wooden wagons.
  • Fuerteventura: To celebrate this special day, the inhabitants of Fuerteventura dance the “Gran Baile de Taifas” in the capital of the island. In this traditional dance, all people dance together with all their family, friends, and neighbours, dressed in the traditional clothing of the Canary Islands.
  • La Palma: The island which is also called “Isla Bonita”, celebrates this day with an artisans fair that presents, among others, traditional games and the most delicious regional Canary dishes. Moreover, the festivity counts of folklore concerts y entertainment for the little ones. At the Plaza de Argual, in the town of Los Llanos de Aridane, the celebration begin at 10:30 h with the tasting of typical canarian products, followed by the performances of folk groups, the Canary anthem, and the the lunch that is called ‘almuerzo popular’.
  • Lanzarote: Every year, the people of Lanzarote celebrate the Canary Islands’ Day on Plaza de Varadero with a wide program of traditional activities, such as local cuisine.

    In the municipality of Arrecife, the people celebrate under the slogan "Arrecife Vive Canarias!" with tapas, wine, cheese and music from various local folk groups, as well as with exhibitions of local sports, such as the ‘game of the stick’, or canarian wrestling. On the following day, Lanzarote offers with the “Trail Día de Canarias” also a great sportingevent in which everyone is invited to participate!

  • El Hierro: On this island, the people enjoy the Canary Islands’ Day with the traditional cuisine, accompanied by the best local folklore groups, which invite everyone to participate in the traditional dances.

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