Hailey Tuck Concert in Gran Canaria

Concierto de Hailey Tuck en Gran Canaria 2015

On 22nd of May 2015, the concert of Hailey Tuck takes place from 21:00 h in the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The singer will present the songs of her work ’El Rincon del Jazz’.

Hailey Tuck is a 23 year old jazz singer, dressed like a character in a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and a bewitching voice that can be compared with the great voices of Billie Holiday, Regina Spektor and Ella Fitzgerald.

With 18 years she bought a ticket to Paris - One way. There she did get the opportunity to meet famous artists and singers. She spent her days in vintage and record stores, and at night she was singing in the various jazz bars of Paris. In this way, Hailey quickly established herself as one of the favorite artists of the Parisian underground jazz scene.

After her experience in Paris, she returned to her home city, knowing that she wants to become a great singer, no matter what comes. Benefitting from her new confidence, Hailey was singing in various Open Nights in Jazz Clubs in Austin, until she was finally invited to the legendary Elephant Room.

No matter if you love Jazz music or not, we can promise you that this young singer won’t let you down and that you will be able to listen to an incomparable voice!

Buy your ticket and dinner now, and enjoy an incredible night!