Night of San Juan - the spanish Midsummer celebrations “Noche de San Juan”

The spanish Midsummer celebrations “Noche de San Juan”

Every year on midnight of 23rd of June, the Night of San Juan is celebrated in all parts of the Canary Islands. But all over the world, people celebrate in this night with bonfires the shortest night of the year, the midsummer night, which initiates the summer.

Everywhere on the Canary Islands, “La Noche de San Juan” is celebrated with bonfires at the beaches, as well as with fireworks in the cities and villages. The fires are ignited with old memories like pictures, clothes or books, to initiate a new beginning.

The fires are the major part of the celebrations, where they for one part represent the sun, but on the other hand, also stand as a symbol for the purification of old sins. For this, it is an old tradition to walk through the fire. Devotees prepare roads coals and walk barefoot on them, while jump over the fires. The celebrations are accompanied with dancing, food and drinks.

There are many superstitions regarding this special nights, but we will tell you only the most important ones:

- At the very moment when the sun illuminates the dawn of the 24th of June, the waters of all springs and streams are endowed with special powers to heal and offer protection for the people
-Those who bathe in the dew drops of this morning, will be protected from any kind of harm for the following year
-That night, one should lay naked in the sea, looking at the moon, so he will make wonders come true in the following year
-Placed under a fig tree with a guitar in the hand, one will immediately learn to play it
-Singles that watch through the windows of their house in the early hours of the 24th of June, will see their love of their life passing by
-To burn a paper where you have written the name of the one your want to forget, will help your to achieve welfare for the entire year
-If you get up very early on the morning of 24th of June, you won’t be tired in the entire year
- There are also bonfires made with a dolls (rag doll like a scarecrow) called "Jua" (burning Juan)

Now you know anything about the traditions for the “Noche de San Juan” and you would like to spend an awesome night in the Canary Islands, we have here for your all the most important celebrations of the islands:


  • Puerto de La Cruz – Playa Jardín: Already this day is here celebrated with spectacular fireworks. In addition, in the morning of June 24, the so-called bath of the goats occurs in the harbor town of Puerto de la Cruz
  • San Cristobal de La Laguna - Punta del Hidalgo: The famous celebrations of San Juanito. Before it gets dark, a group of young people picks up the image of the saint of the village church and brings it place on the shores of the sea, which they call "el Güigo".
  • El Médano – Granadilla de Abona: The central square becomes a big bowl of music, starting at 6pm with the performance of the local group 'The Kuliquitacas South', and continues until one in the morning with various Dj's, and music and dance groups like Danza africana', 'Therjo Funk Goove', 'A Contratiempo' and 'Ni un Pelo de Tonto’.

Gran Canaria:

  • Arucas – Plaza de San Juan: En la víspera del día grande del patrón, actuará el grupo el Efecto Mariposa. A las 00:00 de la noche, comenzará el volcán de fuegos artificiales y minutos después,la actuación de los grupos Flash Funk y El Tio Matt, todo ello bajo las brasas de la gran hoguera de San Juan 2015, que presidirá la ciudad desde la cima de la Montaña.
  • Las Palmas - Playa de Las Canteras: En la Plaza de Saulo Torón en el paseo de Las Canteras a partir de las 22:30 de la noche, tendrán lugar los concierto de Ni Funk Ni Fank, La Chica de ayer y Sugar Hill Band. Una noche llena de diversión que durará hasta las 02:30 de la madrugada.

La Palma:

  • Puntallana: From June 15 until June 26, the celebrations of the saint San Juan Bautista are held. On the evening of San Juan, the 23rd of June at 8pm, there will be the Novena in honor of San Juan Bautista. Accompanied by the singing of the chorus of Puntallana. Next, the image of the saint will be carried through the streets, accompanied by the Band of Puntallana. Meanwhile, the bonfires are ignited and upon arrival at the main square all participants can enjoy awesome fireworks.


  • Haría: This village in the north of the island Lanzarote celebrated the festivals of San Juan Haría from 12 until 27 June. The night of the 23rd starts with the opening ceremony held by D. Eduardo Barreto Betancort and the concert of Toñin Corujo and his band. After the bonfires and fire dances at 11.30pm, the audience can enjoy at midnight the tribute concert to Selena, and later shows by "SUSO AND FAMILY" and "LANZAROTE SWING".
  • Playa Honda: In the Avenida de Playa Honda (Esplanade Guacimeta) the celebrations of San Juan are celebrated with the opening of the “IV Feria Intercultural del Juego”. From 5pm until 8.30pm - activities, sports and music for children and adults. 7pm to 8.30pm Visit the Planetarium (Galactarium). At 8pm chocolate for free. At 10pm bonfires of San Juan in the Esplanade of Guacimeta.


  • Puerto del Rosario: The celebrations of San Juan start at 7pm with the scale in the Star Hifi and continues with the show of NEW FLOW. After other events, at 11.30pm begin the famous bonfires in honor of San Juan Bautista.
  • Pájara: At 10am begins the craft market and from 1pm one can enjoy beach volleyball. From 5pm children can participate in the great Gymkhana. Finally, at 11.30 the most awaited moment comes: the Great Burnings of the Bonfire of San Juan. There will also be fireworks and water displays, and finally dancings at the famous festival of Pájara!

La Gomera:

  • San Sebastián – Playa de la Cueva: The day will begin at 5.30pm with various children's activities, like bouncy castles. The celebrations at the beach begin at 8.30pm with the performance of the group 'Atresillados' group, and an hour later, with the partying 'Chigadá'. At 9.45pm the bonfires will be burned, with music the group "Amanecer Latino '.

El Hierro:

  • Las Puntas: On Tuesday 23rd of June, the esplanade hosts the show Circundando: a circus, "Art in Motion",featuring performances by Tresperté, an Andalusian company that presents two shows 'Báscula' and 'Aquí sobra uno'; Canarian aerobatic specialist Monica Martin; Victor Ortiz'. At the end of the show, the people celebrate the traditional bonfires of San Juan and La Sardinada.


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