Dragon Battle El Médano - Tenerife

Dragon Battle El Médano - Tenerife

On next saturday, 28 of June 2015, the sports competition 'Dragon Battle Race' takes places in El Médano, in the south of the island Tenerife.

The extreme sports event 'Dragon Battle Race' will run through the areas of El Médano and counts of several natural and artificial obstacles like fire, mud, ramps, water, pipes, tanks or ropes. It is one of the hardest competitions of the Canary Islands that will challenge even the bravest runners.

As it’s name already indicates, the 'Dragon Battle Race' is inspired by the ferocity and courage of the viking warriors, who have adorned the bows of their boats with figures of dragon heads to deter their enemies. The dragon is a symbol for strength, discipline, courage and inner fire, which shall push the participants towards the horizon. The 'Dragon Battle' really is a battle of titans, which forces to overcome own goals and to face increasingly complex challenges.

There is also a 'Dragon Battle Kids, with a distance of one kilometer offered, where children between the age of 6 and 16 years can participate. For the 'Dragon Battle' with a distance of 18 kilometers, participants older than 16 years can enrol themselves as individuals or as a mixed group. The first battle starts at 10am and further battles start every 20 minutes with between 200 and 250 participants, which are accompanied during the competition by music of local DJs.

Feel like a real viking and live this adventure with the Dragon Battle 2015!

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