New Year's Eve in Spain



If you are on holidays and are planning to stay in Spain to celebrate the end of the year, you should know that in Spain there are carried out some small rituals to attract luck for the next 12 months. In the next paragraph you will find some small gestures to reassure you and to give you hope to achieve your goals in the new year:

1. Eat all the grapes!
If you can, think from grape to grape in things you would like to do in the new year, to make sure you will reach your goals.

2. Wear something red.
Traditionally it is thought that red 'brings prosperity' (especially in love). Because of that many people decideto wear clothes or a supplement in red to enter the new year, to attract luck.

3. A ring into the cup of Champagne.
With this superstition you have to be very careful when you toast. It is said that by doing this simple gesture money will be attracted during the next year. No wonder many try it ...

4. Wish List.
Before dinner, write three wishes for the new year on a piece of paper and fold it into half. Wear it close to your skin throughout the dinner and burn it as soon as the new year has begun...

5. Kiss someone of the other sex.
If you want to find a partner in the coming year, this is a small gesture. Try to compliment the year and therefore kiss someone of the opposite sex just after the new year has begun...

6. Right foot.
Many people use the phrase 'enter with the right foot', and carry it to the end ... This is why the first foot to touch the floor after 12 strokes should be the right foot ...That might be the explanation for people you standing on one leg!

noche-vieja7. Eat lentils.
This is a tradition imported from Italy. They say that if you eat lentils during the last day of the year, it ensures the prosperity of the next 12 months ... Are you going to try it?


8. Colored candles.
Think very well on the colours of the candles you put to decorate the house on New Year's Eve. Each color shall invoke a different fortune: blue brings peace to the new year, yellow attracts abundance, red is for passion, green candles are intended for health...

9. All lights on.
It is assumed that with all the lights in the house lit, there is no dark corner. Therefore it is important that at midnight the whole house illuminated. It is said that with this tradition the new year will be clear, that there will be no lies and no dark and negative energies.


10. Open the door.
When the year is finished and the new year has already begun, you should put some suitcases into your doors. This traditions should grant you many journeys in the new year.


11. Reversed Underwear.
They say that if you wear your underwear inside out during the last hours of the outgoing year and place them in the usual way when it's new year,  you will have a year with more clothes than ever before.


12. A bucket full of water.
For those who believe in energies, this will be your favorite one. You have to fill a bucket full of water throughout the morning of the last day of the year. At midnights it is assumed to have absorbed all the bad energies and you can throw it down the toilet, so the bad energies will never come back.