Now you can search your holidays via WhatsApp!

whatsapp oferta Oceanbooking

Oceanbooking is one of the first hotel providers in southern Tenerife to enable its users to consult the prices of their stay in the best hotels in Tenerife South through WhatsApp.

Oceanbooking adapts itself to the newest tecnologies and advances of the market and allows its clients to obtain the information about their booking of their holidays on the simpliest way: by using their smartphones and WhatsApp.

This way the clients have the best possibilities to contact Oceanbooking and can perform any query instantly. It is easier and in comparison with phone calls there are no extra costs.

Undoubtedly, Oceanbooking is one more time on the forefront of the hotel market, trying to  increase the satisfaction of their clients with the best prices for hotels and all the needed information about Tenerife online.