Batucada Fest La Palma 2015

Batucada Fest 2015 - La Palma

La Batucada Fest La Palma 2015 will take place in the Plaza de España in Los Llanos de Aridane, from Friday, the 25th of September until Saturday, 26th of September.

This festival of la Batucada offers, next to the incredible sound of drums, workshops for adults and children, parades and the best cuisine.

La batucada is a musical manifestation consisting of a group of percussion instruments. Its accenting takes part in the second half of the performance. It is sometimes considered as a branch of samba.

The origin of la batucada goes back to the African cultures where they always builded formations of drums for popular festivities. Currently it had its flowering in Brazil, where batucadas were formed with more than 3,000 drummers and dancers.

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