'Astrofest' 2015

'Astrofest' 2015 - La Palma

The first 'Astrofest' edition will be held on the island of La Palma from Friday the 25th of September until Thursday the 8th of October 2015.

This festival will bring together professionals of astronomy, astrotourism and astrophotography with activities for all ages.

The International Conference of astrotourism will open the festival from the 25th to the 27th of September. This pioneering initiative arises in the island to create networking opportunities among travel experts, tourism offices, scientists and environmentalists, all involved in the astro field. It is about a branch of ecotourism where travelers stare at the starry skies and the Milky Way, go after celestial events such as solar eclipses, the northern lights, large comets or explore milestones and monuments related to astronomy.

The majestic lunar eclipse will take place the night between the 27th and the 28th of September, visible from La Palma. Attendees can look at it with telescopes from a protected and dark area, together with other complementary activities.

The Conference about the night landscape will take place between the 29th of September and the 2nd of October.

The Astromaster workshop will be carried out the week between the 3rd and the 8th of October. This international workshop of TWAN will cover aspects such as night images captures, timelapse photography or image processing techniques, including a brief introduction for beginners and other medium to advanced level lessons and also outdoors practices. The event, one of the most successful of TWAN, attracts night sky photographers, both professionals and amateurs, around the world.

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