Canaries Odyssey, Islands Odyssey and Atlantic Odyssey

Canaries Odyssey, Islands Odyssey and Atlantic Odyssey 2015 - Todas las islas

The Canaries Odyssey starts the 24 of october from Lanzarote to El Hierro and have a duration of 3 weeks.

There the sailors have the opportunity to visit the seven islands of the archipelago with excursions in every of them. This ralley ends in El Hierro, where the sailors can join the Islands Odyssey. If you are interested in, sign in fastly because the Canaries Odyssey will be limited to 20 boats only!

The Islands Odyssey take place from the 24th of october until the 24th of november, starting at the Canaries to the Caribbean. This ralley will offer you the possibility to sail through the Canary Islands, to Cape Verde and afterwards the shortest route across the Atlantic to Barbados y further to Martinique. Arrived in Martinique the sailors have the opportunity to meet the participants of the Atlantic Odyssey.

The Atlantic Odyssey starts at the beginning of november from Lanzarote to Martinique. This rally is perfect for the sea and sailing lovers , being this the most direct to their destination.

The initiator of this ralley was the sailor Jimmy Cornell, aimed at sailors who prefer to cross the Atlantic at a relaxed pace.

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