Show of Juan Perro in Lanzarote 2015

Show of Juan Perro 2015 - Lanzarote

The concert of Juan Perro, together with other 7 musicians “Son 7”, will be held on Thursday, the 17th of December 2015 at 21.00 hours at the Teatro Insular de Lanzarote.

Juan Perro, also known as Santiago Auserón, is a Spanish singer and composer, appreciated for his work as head of one of the best rock bands in the history of Spain and for his long and distinguished career as a solo artist. His rock songs, sung in Spanish, have Latin roots.

On the 17th of December Juan Perro will offer a show for all audiences of 120 minutes duration with new sound and songs.

Do not miss it and buy now your tickets online or in the Área de Cultura del Cabildo of Lanzarote!

Tickets are on sale for a price of 25 €.

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