Trekking in Tenerife: The windows of Güímar

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The windows of Guimar, one of the most spectacular routes in the island of Tenerife, represents a wonderful tour for adventurous people and fans of hiking.

Starting from the touristic old town of Güímar (Tenerife), through the walls of the Barranco de Badajoz, the road to the thousand windows of Güímar ,will bring us through a tunnel inside the mountain surrounded by mystery and charm.

This route will allow us to explore parts of the island that keep us away from the concept of Tenerife as sun and beach place, taking the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular space surrounded by nature and history. If you are thinking of traveling to the island, not only for its fantastic beaches and its warm weather, the route of the windows of Guimar represents a challenge that you cannot refuse.

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