Alejandro Sanz: The guy who won´t fade away

32 Festival Internacional de Música de Canarias 2015 - Islas Canarias

The 5th of August, Alejandro Sanz, one of the best and most international spanish singer, is coming to the stadium Francisco Peraza in La Laguna, Tenerife.

Alejandro Sanz is well-known because of his different styles of making music. His heart-warming voice and ballads combined with his flamenco origin have attracted a lot of people.His first song that really reached the international audiences eye is ¨El Alma al Aire¨, which was released in 2000.

Alejandro has turned 47 last year, but he still wins the hearts of many ladies. His concert in Spain in 2015 drew more than 300.000 people.
After the great success in the previous years, Alejandro Sanz will return to Spain and now is your chance to see his latest album, Sirope Vivo, live.

And what would be a better place than the island of Tenerife?

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