Symphonic of Pink Floyd: Tune in to one of the most appreciated music in history

32 Festival Internacional de Música de Canarias 2015 - Islas Canarias

The 27th, 28th and 29th of May will be held at the “Teatro Guimerá” in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a tribute to Pink Floyd, a famous british rock band, considered a cultural icon of the twentieth century.

The symphonic Pink Floyd will be led by the One World Symphonic Orchestra, whose aim is to play the greatest hits of the legendary band, which has won thousands of fans around the world for its contrast classic-rock, transforming their successes in melodies from generation to generation.

The One World Symphonic Orchestra will be supported by a rock band which consists of international musicians who have played with bands all around the world such as: Simple Minds, George Michael, Rick Wakeman and many more.

The band Pink Floyd is no longer active, so it is an important opportunity to discover the importance of a group that has definitely marked the history of music. The concert, which will last 3 hours, is a fantastic experience for young and old.

Do not miss this event!

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