Visit the highest point of Spain: El Teide


One of the most wonderful experiences of the Canary Islands is visiting the volcano El Teide in Tenerife, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
With its 3718 meters it is the highest point of Spain. The mountain will give you incredible views of Tenerife and of the beautiful landscape around the volcano. Besides, when the sky is clear you can see the other six canarian islands.

The landscape of the national park includes more than 160 different plant species with 12 species only found in the national park. In May and June the local Tajinaste blooms and will bear beautiful red colors.

Because El Teide is located in the middle of Tenerife it is accessible from all corners of the island. When you arrive at the foot of the mountain, there is a cable car. This 8 minutes during ride will take you up the mountain. The cost of the lift is approximately 27 euros per person. However, it is not mandatory to go up because the view at the base is also very great.

The island also offers a lot of guided tours. If you love watching the stars, you can walk up El Teide during the night with an expert guide and see the sky filled with stars.

Either way, this is a must see experience.

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