El Día de Canarias, a day of culture and traditions


The 30th of May is the Day of the Canarian Islands (El Día de Canarias). This is a public holiday for the Canarian people where culture and tradition of the Canarian Islands stand central. A lot of events and activities are organized such as, canarian wrestling, traditional music, exhibitions of local art and many more.

It's been almost 30 years since the islands were able to have its own autonomous government, on May the 30th of 1982 the Statute of Autonomy of the Canary Islands was being approved. 

Not only on monday the 30th there will be activities, but during the whole weekend, from Friday 27th of May until Monday the 30th of May. The events are across all of the Canarian Islands.

Tenerife: Here lies the origin of the festival. The meeting in 1983 was being held in Santa Cruz in Tenerife. In Tenerife you can find exhibitions, musical acts and theater.

Gran Canaria: The Paseo Romero, being held on the 30th of May, is one of the biggest events in Gran Canaria. It is a parade with folklore groups, carts, canarian cuisine and a lot of participants.

Fuerteventura: The inhabitants of Fuerteventura will celebrate “El Día de Canarias” on Saturday the 28th of May with the “Gran Baile de Taifas”. The citizens come together in their traditional canarian clothes to dance with their friends, family and neighbours.

Lanzarote: A lot of different sorts of entertainment. From eating traditional food to sporting events, such as Canarian Wrestling, to local music.

La Gomera: This island has probably remained the most traditions from all of the Canarian Islands. For example, you can take part in workshops of local games from La Gomera.

La Palma: Musical performances, regional canarian dishes, entertainment and traditional games.

El Hierro: The cultural route in El Hierro: “Una Leyenda Encantada” will take you into the culture of the island. A show for the whole family filled with music and theater.

Visit one of the Canarian Islands and enjoy a weekend full of culture and tradition.

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