Festival of San Pedro


During the second half of June the festival of San Pedro is celebrated in the north and south of the island Tenerife. Several weeks of galas, music, folklore and everything you expect to find in a festival program. In El Sauzal, north of the island, the celebration peaks on Sunday 3 July with the procession of the saint and the traditional descent of the throne and the greasy pole.

In Güímar, 28 km away from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, one of the highlights of the festivities is the Gran Merengazo del Atlántico, a large gathering of Latin music where Tony Tun Tun will perform, among others artists.

In the latter town, the festivities start from 20 June when a group of neighbors place three feathers, one in the church tower, one half of the route of the procession of the saint and another in the Hermitage. From that moment on, the church bells will ring following the “tajaraste” rhythm which is known as the San Pedro’s touches, at nine o'clock, noon and throughout all night.

Also the traditional act of Carnival “Burial of the Sardine” takes place, which turns into a particular celebration known as "Las Burras de Güímar", a theatrical show based on ancient beliefs related to witches and has been represented since 1992.

On the 28th of June, liturgical and festive events are held in the corresponding neighborhoods. At night the saint returns along the same street decorated with several arches. It is in this moment when neighbors burn wheels whilst they make promises for themselves. On the 29th, different religious, cultural and sporting events organized by the festival committee corresponding to each street and the City Council take place. It is, without a doubt, an event you should not miss.

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