STARMUS 2016 - Inside the cosmos


27 June - 2 July, the 3rd edition of the STARMUS Festival, “Tribute to Stephen Hawking, Beyond the Horizon”, will take place on the island Tenerife. The aim of the festival is Science, Art and Music.

In this festival, the science of the cosmos will be discussed, revealed and showed to the total public. Astrophysicists, Cosmonauts, Physicists, Astronauts, Biochemists and a lot more will attend this special event. Big names like: Stephen Hawking, Brian May, Alexei Leonov, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Roger Penrose and Martin Rees will be speaking on this conference.

With the wide variety of speakers that STARMUS 2016 offers, the readings will be very diverse and there will be a lot of interesting topics to be spoken off.

Due to its volcanic origin, Tenerife is an island with a lot of different aspects. Probably the most famous and outstanding one is the volcano El Teide. With its 3718 meters it is the highest point in Spain. In the National Park of El Teide, you can also find the “Observatorio del Teide”. Because of the geographical location, together with the clarity and excellent quality of the sky it is a great place to be watching some of the universe.

The program of the STARMUS 2016 will start on Monday 26 June and will be finishing late on Friday 1 July. Join this event and let your mind be blown away.

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