Fiestas del Carmen in Puerto de la Cruz


Throughout the month of July the festivities in commemoration of Our Lady the Virgen del Carmen takes place in Puerto de la Cruz, north of the island of Tenerife, one of the most venerated images of the Canary Islands. Around 100,000 people attend her embarkation and procession, making it the most heavily attended event of its kind in the Canary Islands.

The festivities have a large number of acts and events but it is the embarkation of the Virgin which is the most exciting moment of the festivities, whose tradition brings together the largest number of visitors. This moment occurs on Tuesday prior to the day 16, when the fishermen carry the images of the Virgen del Carmen and San Telmo to the Fishing Pier and from there they take them in a sea procession which explores the coast of the municipality.

Firstly, a mass is held in honor of the Virgin at 8am, in the chapel of the pier where her image is located and then they distribute sweets to start the festivities while fishermen sing "Salve Reina de los Mares". During the procession in the afternoon, the images are carried by fishermen throughout the entire way. After this, they are shipped in the harbor and paraded along the coast. When this is finished, the Virgin goes through the streets of the town and there will be a firework display for the Virgin to be finally returned to her chapel until her departure the following year.

Since July 2011, the Virgin is Honorary and Perpetual Mayor of the city of Puerto de la Cruz, a title she shares with the image of the Gran Poder de Dios. For this reason these festivities are of great importance and significance to the population, an event you must attend so as to experience first-hand the passion with which these celebrations are carried out on the island.

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