Game of Thrones in the Canary Islands

Game of Thrones

The producers of Game of Thrones, are considering to shoot their next coming seasons in the Canary Islands. Due to its good weather conditions and its beautiful surroundings.

Game of Thrones, a serie started in 2011, is about several kingdoms, in a place called Westeros, all trying to obtain the place on the Iron Throne (to rule the whole kingdom). This serie contains spectacular views of fascinating nature.
After season 6 just being ended, the series Game of Thrones is being considered one of the best series ever being made. The show catches at least 8 million viewers every episode (just recorded by television).

Already recorded some parts of the series in the mainland of Spain, now the big visual attraction is scouting the Canary Islands to film for their 7th and 8th seasons. Especially El Teide is being seen as a perfect location for the recordings.

Want to see why this place is so stunning and marvelous? Come and see it for yourself.

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