Phe Festival 2016

Phe Festival 2016

The Phe Festival is an Indie, Rock and Electro music festival. For the first time in history it takes place on Saturday, 6th of August 2016 on the coast of Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife.

This festival offers so much more than just music. It is a meeting place for many different people and offers them a programme all around the newest unique social and artistic activities. It has definitely everything what a festival has to have: music, do-it-yourself activities, creativity and a lot more. The aim of the festival organisers is to put an ideal and perfect plan together to spend a perfect weekend vacation in Puerto de la Cruz.

Part of the programme will be some of the most important groups in the indie music scene of the country: Red Beard, Belako, Delafé, La Habitación Roja, Cycle and Kostrok.

Do not miss the birth of the festival which will soon develop to one of the big musical events and come to Tenerife.

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