Jameos Music Festival 2016

Jameos Music Festival 2016

A new edition of Jameos Music Festival is going to be held in Lanzarote, specifically in Jameos del Agua, one of the most spectacular geological formations in the world, during several days of the summer season (on 5 and 19 August, and on 9 September).

A total of sixteen artists within the genre of electronic music will present their hits throughout the night. For the fourth consecutive year, the Festival manages to bring together the most influential artists of the disco scene, gathering in the same place some of the most innovative categories such as Acid Jazz, House, Dance, Garage, Funk or Soul Techno, among others. Prominent DJs such as John Morales, Kevin Yost, Victor Simonelli, Neil Pierce and David Kano will give their best for the enjoyment of all attendees.

The best outdoor dance floor of the world opens its doors in an environment that combines artistic creativity with natural beauty, distinguishing this festival from any other.

Do not miss this great event of unique characteristics and come to Lanzarote!

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