Fiesta del Charco

Fiesta del Charco

On September 11th the Fiesta del Charco (Celebration of the lake) takes place in La Aldea de San Nicolás, one of the most out-of-the-way villages in Gran Canaria. It is a celebration of traditions, which has to do with the force of the sea.

The celebration always takes place early in September since at that time of the year the flood takes the water further on the land. Thereby a so-called “Marciega” is formed at the beach of the village. This is a small saltwater lagoon in which the spined loach fish gets caught. Natives already used these ponds several hundred years ago to catch the fish. They said, that these are stupid fish which aren’t capable of recognizing the dangerousness of these little traps.

Due to the old tradition a gigantic crowd of people gets together every year at the beach of the village and celebrates this event. The people gather around the pond before the mayor fires up a skyrocket. This happens at 5:00 pm and is the signal for the people to jump into the “Marciega”. They can both catch the fish and remember to the history.

The celebration is ended in two different ways. First manner is that the people kiss the fish and throw them back into the ocean to wait for their return at the next Fiesta del Charco. The other manner is that the people grill the fish on little fire places at the beach.

This celebration is totally worth seeing. Come to Gran Canaria and don’t miss this event!

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