Fiesta De Los Corazones

Fiesta De Los Corazones

In the municipality San Bartolomé in Tejina in northern Tenerife, the Fiestas de los Corazones (Festival of the Hearts) are celebrated in August 2016. These celebrations are one of the most colorful and striking traditions that exist on the island.

During these festivals San Bartolomé (Saint Bartolomé) is praised: Because of this the festivities are also known as "Fiestas de San Bartolomé de Tejina".

The whole ceremony begins on August 11th and goes until August 31st, however, the actual festival takes place on August 24th. The three main areas of the city (El Pico, Calle Arriba and Calle Abajo) are building hearts. The materials of the hearts are: wood or iron, reeds, branches of the beech, fruits and cakes. Completion of the heart can take days. When they are finished, they can weigh up to 900 kg and be 12 m high.

On August 24, the hearts are then brought by many men on the church square. There begins a fun ritual in which each mischievously criticizes the other hearts. There are also the procession of the image of San Bartolomé in the city. Around this ceremony there are a variety of sporting and cultural activities and dances.

Come to Tenerife and do not miss out on this colorful tradition!

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