Danza del Diablo In La Palma

Danza del Diablo In La Palma

Every year on the 8th September it is celebrated in Tijarafe, La Palma, a unique event that attracts tourists and residents alike known as “Danza del Diablo” ("Devil's Dance").

Declared of Cultural Interest and with 90 years of history, every year at 3 in the morning a crowd of people run around a figure with iron frame and fireworks while singing “El Diablo va a salir” ("El Diablo is going out"), moment of greatest fun for everyone in the Plaza de la Candelaria where they all dance to the beat of the music played by an orchestra. Nobody knows where El Diablo will enter through and this is the most exciting moment for the attendees who are ready to run at any time.

The history of this tradition is linked to the economic change Tijarafe suffered during the twentieth century that helped get a more secure and colorful pyrotechnics and a finer frame. Similarly, orchestras which sing during these festivals have been of increasing importance and prestige. All this has turned El Diablo into an ambassador for the city and one of the most famous symbols of the island.

Put on your boots and do not miss this event!

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