The best beaches of the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands offer endless beaches for swimming, relaxing and many other activities by the sea. Seven unique destinations with classic white sand beaches, incredible black sand beaches and breathtaking natural pools.

OceanBooking helps you to find the ideal beach for your vacation. Here are our suggestions:



1.Playas de Papagayo

The most famous beaches of Lanzarote are in the south end, one of them is the Playa de Papagayo. Very popular, as it has the cliffs that protect you from the trade wind that blows in that area. It is also worth visiting the neighboring bays such like Caleta del Congrio or Playa de las Mujeres, because they are not as crowded as Playa de Papagayo.

2.Los Charcones

Again in the south of the island, we also have impressive natural pools formed by volcanic rock. The Charcones, which fill at high tide, allow you to choose between swimming pools deep enough to take a good leap and other shallow depths in which you can fancy a bath in a relaxing way. Enjoy!



1.Risco del Paso

Here is something for everyone! If you want to bath, relax, walk or windsurf and skiteboard, you have found the right beach. The Risco del Paso is well known for being the meeting point of the Freestyle Grand Slam Windsurf Championship, as well as for its peculiar low tide moments that reveal a landscape of white sand and thanks to the unevenness, there are salt water lagoons.What are you waiting for?

2.Caleta del Marrajo

A nice tip for all those who want to escape tourism and enjoy the tranquility of nature. Think of the white formations of volcanic stones and white sand. Can you imagine? Well, now you can enjoy a vacation in a particularly idyllic environment.



1.Playa del Inglés

One of the most famous beaches is Playa del Inglés. Jet Ski, Banana Boat and water activities for everyone! You can find lots of fun and also chill-out areas there. Through this extensive beach everything is possible, in addition the adjacent dunes are a true natural wonder.

2.Playa de Aguadulce

Welcome to paradise for all divers! The beach of Aguadulce is a very quiet beach with a heavenly atmosphere. Although the descent to the beach can be difficult, it is worth going down to take a bath. On the other hand enjoy the tranquility and peace that you can find here, it is ideal for anyone looking for a special experience. By the way do not forget your snorkel kit! It is a good place to discover the seabed.



1.Playas de Valle Gran Rey

It is probably the most famous beach in La Gomera, so you definitely can not miss it. We have before us the beaches of La Calera and La Puntilla, both in fact constitute a single beach, separated by a small rocky slope that is situated in the area of ​​the mouth of the ravine of Valle Gran Rey. It is frequent that the sand is renewed and therefore during the winter months the beach is full of pebbles.

2."Baby Beach"

Although some call it Baby Beach, its real name is Charco del Conde. It is a small beach where many families spend the day with their little ones. Children can play and bath without any problems because the shore is shallow.



1.Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz de la Palma has this new beach! Opened in April 2017, it offers a beautiful possibility of bathing. It disposes  550m of fine black sand, perfect to enjoy with family and friends!

2.Puerto de Tazacorte

At the other end of the island we have a very quiet beach, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but where you can find everything you need: restaurants, cafes and a great boardwalk easily accessible. Enjoy a stunning beach surrounded by nature. And as a highlight: Enjoyi the sunset here, it is really worth it, we promise!



1.Playa del Verodal

Considered one of the most popular and peculiar beaches of the island, you can not miss. The Playa del Verodal is famous for its mixture of black and red sand, a spectacle of nature! Although it is one of the most beautiful beaches, it is not recommended for swimming because of its strong currents and landslides, even so, that does not mean that you can not approach with caution.

2.Charco Azul in El Hierro

El Charco Azul in El Hierro is one of the most spectacular and charming bathing areas on the smallest of the Canary Islands. Its turquoise water and whimsical natural formation makes it a unique and must-visit place, even more, it has been conditioned for easy access.



1.Playa de Las Teresitas

The most famous beach in Tenerife shines thanks to its golden sand coming from the Sahara desert and its calm water. A beach populated with palm trees and different types of restaurant, Las Teresitas will transport you to a Caribbean setting ideal to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city. A small tip: If you travel by car, do not miss the magnificent view from the lookout.

2.Playa del Duque

At the other end of the island in the south of Tenerife we ​​have Playa del Duque, a Blue Flag beach with all the necessary amenities to spend a fantastic day of relaxation. Enjoy the sun until its sunset, which we recommend not to miss.


Do you know where to go? Well, we wish you a happy holiday. Ah! And if you do not have the right accommodation yet, book here.