The Geminids: a meteor shower in Canaries

The Geminids are back in Canaries! This world event, which appears once a year, will brighten our lovely planet´s sky between the 4th and the 17th of December 2016.

The Canaries Islands have the reputation to own one of the clearest sky in the world, and will offer you an amazing experience seeing this fabulous celestial show. This meteor shower occurs when small fragments of the Phaethon Asteroid collide with the atmosphere. More than 100 falling stars will be observable, if you are looking in the direction of the Geminis constellation, above the East skyline.

The maximum intensity is expected the day 14th of December at 18 Hours GMT.
Whoever you are, an astronomy enthusiast or an amazing show and magic experience lover, don’t lose this opportunity that presents itself once a year! If you can’t have holidays on these dates, the Geminids shower will be broadcasted through the online TV channel, 

Make a wish! … And the year 2017 will be successful for you.

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