The Heart of Madrid and its 5 Parks that will conquer you

Are you a romantic? Do you dream of visiting landscapes of pure nature? Are you looking for places where magic exists on its own? On we present you some of the most romantic parks and gardens for a romantic and intimate walk, where only the beauty of your surroundings matters. Parks in Madrid are places where you can easily fall in love, and their atmosphere is perfect for romance.

Madrid, despite being a big city, offers many walks, some immersed in green spaces and others near sculptures, emblematic buildings and amazing art. These are some of the most romantic parks in Madrid that will make you fall in love and we at recommend you to visit!

El Capricho
El Capricho was created in 1784 by the Dukes of Osuna and is the most romantic park in Madrid. It is a place of peace, rest and entertainment. During the summer it organizes free concerts of many different musical styles and also parades. It is huge and perfect for walks hand in hand with the person you love.
(Metro Line 5 El Capricho)

El Buen Retiro
The Buen Retiro is one of the favorite symbols of the capital Madrid. It is the largest space to enjoy nature and breathe fresh air even though it is located in the heart of the city.
If you want make your partner fall in love with you, rent a boat and enjoy a magical ride on the lake.
Half-hidden among the trees of the park, you will find the magical Crystal Palace, which as its name indicates, its structure is formed by glass plates that rise majestically playing with the reflection of the sky, trees and water of its lake. In which, depending on the time of year, you can find a family of lovely ducks.
(Metro Line 2 Retiro and Line 9 Ibiza)

Sabatini Gardens
In the Gardens of Sabatini you can walk under the wake of the Royal Palace of Madrid. Although the park itself is not quite large, it offers spectacular views of this historic building.
Sources and large cedars are combined in this space designed for you to escape the hustle and bustle of the capital.
(Metro Line 2 and 5 Opera and Line 1,2,3 Sol)

Campo del Moro
Campo del Moro, is a fabulous English style garden. It was made following the romantic concept of nature. Its elevated position was used to create one of the best perspectives of Madrid, from where you can see the Royal Palace behind a beautiful green forest jutted by monumental fountains inside its romantic garden. The gardens have two neoclassical fountains, Los Tritones and Palacio de las Conchas.
In addition to enjoying its flora and fauna you can also see its fountains, its walks, the rose garden, the house of the queen, the pond, and also its peacocks, who walk like the princes of the park.
(Metro Line 6 and 10 Príncipe Pío)

The Prince's Garden of Anglona
The Garden of the Prince of Anglona is an unknown place and was abandoned for many years until the Madrid City Council opened it to the public. It is one of the great secrets of Madrid. It is located at the foot of the Plaza de la Paja and this beautiful and tranquil garden is ideal to enjoy it as couple. Come and enjoy a wonderful day in El Jardin del Príncipe de Anglona and fall in love with its beauty!
(Metro Line 5 La Latina)

What are you waiting for to visit the charms of these natural parks in the heart of Madrid? Let Cupid and this wonderful destination conquer you!