Fuerteventura - Cheese Lovers

Do you like to taste new flavors? Are you a fan of traveling to new destinations and trying the best of gastronomy? If so, prepare your palate because we are going to the Canary Islands!

On Oceanbooking, we present you the best cheese from Spain "Maxorata" Canarian cheese made on the island of Fuerteventura!

The Cheese: Maxorata stained in paprika has been chosen, in the 8GourmetQuesos (Championship of the Best Cheese of Spain 2017), as the best cheese in Spain out of a total of 605 cheeses.

This exquisite cheese is a symbol of Fuerteventura, made with pasteurized fresh goat's milk with a soft and milky flavor, compact cut and granulated texture with white crust and surrounded by a layer of paprika.
Is your mouth watering? To us, yes!

Oceanbooking offers you a holiday on the paradisiacal island of Fuerteventura, full of miles of white sand beaches, endless sunsets and activities, experiences and emotions for all tastes. What if you could also try La Maxorata on the Canary Island where it was born?

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