Canary Islands Surf Film Festival

Canarias Surf Film Festival
The Canarias Surf Film Festival (CSFF) will take place from september 29 until october 2 2016 in the Auditorio Municipal de Corralejo in Fuerteventura. It is an exceptional event which you can’t miss!
Every year the Canarias Surf Film Festival attracts fans of surfing, the sea, sports and the environment.
Furthermore during this event you will have the great opportunity to watch movies such as “The friendly pirate”, “The man and the sea”, “The blinking island” or “El viaje de los alisios”. Moreover you can enjoy different expositions of photography, musical attractions and conferences of important film directors from all over the world.
Surfing is one of the most common sports in the Canarian Islands. If you share this fascination you shouldn’t miss this event.
Come to Fuerteventura and enjoy this special festival!