The feast of San Juan

With Ocean Booking we invite you to discover the feast of San Juan, one of the most spiritual feast celebrated in every region of Spain.

What is the feast of San Juan ?

The festivities of San Juan is the celebration of the birth of Saint John the baptist on June 24th. He is one of the most important saints for Christians since he is considered the forerunner of Jesus Christ.


This magical night welcomes the summer season, shortest night of the year, it is the summer solstice.

Every year, the night of 23rd to 24th of June  are celebrated parties in many corners of Spain in honor of San Juan on beaches with roaring bonfires, drinks and food. A good place to have memorable and fun time with your friends.

Legends says that it is a holy night, sacred and purification, without abandoning its magical and pagan aura. Tradition and magical rituals are connected by a common elements: fire and water.

Fire is one symbol on which the ancestral rituals are based. It is the purifying element that frees us from bad luck and from everything we want to leave behind.
Water is a symbol of San Juan, all waters have healing virtues, so it is customary to bathe in the sea or the river. Herbs is another element, it is believed that plants multiply healing properties.