Fiesta de los Faroles in El Hierro

Fiesta de los Faroles

Each year on September 24, “La Virgen de los Reyes” (The Virgin of Kings) is venerated on the Canary Island of El Hierro, in a tradition that attracts crowds of people carrying lanterns the night before in the so-called "Fiesta de los Faroles” (Lantern Festival).

The origin of the “Fiesta de los Faroles” (Lantern Festival) dates back to Francisco Febles Machín, a devotee of the Virgin that in view of the disuse that was being given to the traditional sidewalks and paths leading to the sanctuary of the Virgin replaced back then by newly built roads, organized the night before a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of the Virgin from every corner of the island for 39 years now, accompanied by lanterns that lighted the ancient and dark paths leading to La Dehesa.

During the night of the Lantern Festival, the Sanctuary is opened and throughout the night it welcomes the groups of pilgrims from all over the island. From early morning, mass is held at the Sanctuary and shortly after a procession accompanied by the typical dancers from El Hierro. This procession runs through an old route that leads to the “Piedra de los Regidores” (Stone of Aldermen) first and then to the “Cueva del Caracol” (Cave of the Snail), where they start the way back towards the temple where at the entrance several eulogies are dedicated to the Virgin, as tradition demands.

Do not hesitate to dive into such an intense experience and understand the reason why this Virgin is known as "La Madre Amada” (The Beloved Mother)!

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