9 reasons to visit the Canary Islands

1. Climate
You can escape any moment of the year to the Canary Islands. The temperature on the Canaries rarely drops below 20 degrees, even in the winter season. During the summer the temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius.

2. Carnival
Even if you were to any carnival festival of the world you still did not enjoy the advantages of carnival in the Canary Islands. What are you waiting for? If you think you have seen nice carnival festivals you will still be amazed at carnival in the Canary Islands. We ensure you, that you will have unforgettable experiences. The Canary Islands carnival festivals are one of the most popular carnivals worldwide.

3. Teide
Have you ever been at the top of a volcano? You can go up with the cable car of the Teide until the top and stay at a mountain shelter or climb by foot to enjoy a unique view at the Atlantic Ocean at a height of 3718 m.

4. Beaches
There are more than 80 beaches on the Canary Island, all different and unique. Each beach has something special for every taste. From the beautiful white dunes in Maspalomas till the dark sand beaches of Los Gigantes. Feel the sand under your feet, and submerge into the water of the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Sport
The islands are perfect for sport activities. Surfing is the most chosen sport by locals and visitors of the islands, they have all what is needed for this sport, in fact, it is the most excellent European destination. Would you dare to surf in their crystal water?

6. Theme Parks
As a pair, family or alone! The islands have a lot of attractions for everyone. Two of the best theme parks of Spain and of the world are in Tenerife, the Water Park Siam Park, via Tripadvisor voted as the best park of the world according to the visitors and the Loro Parque, a zoological one which also has a collection of tropical plants from private places, situated in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife).They run a foundation, an international institution without spirit of profit. They are dealing with the purpose of calling the society to maintain the nature. We assure you, that any of this parks will be an unforgettable experience for you!

7. Diving
The Canary Islands are a diving paradise for diving lovers, because of their crystal clear water, turtles, dolphins, whales and infinity of a global unique marine flora and fauna which you can enjoy from the moment you submerge into the ocean of sensation. The temperature of the sea is always above 20 degrees Celsius. Moreover, since February 2016 the island Lanzarote, possesses the first Museo Atlántico (Atlantic Museum) of Europe, with 400 sculptures created by the british eco-sculptor Jason DeCaires Taylor … Can you really miss seeing this?

8. Restaurants
In the Canary Islands you can find a wide range of restaurants, for every taste. We encourage you to try all gastronomies of the islands, not just the taste and textures will conquer you, the processes of manufacturing are a part of the tradition and culture of the islands. Products like Gofio, a mix of cereals grinded, take a large process until they will be served.

9. Los Gigantes Cliffs
Did you know that you can find the second biggest cliffs off Europe in the island Tenerife? Moreover, Tenerife also has one of the most incredible coastlines in the world. To arrive to the cliffs you need to take a ship, canoe or motorboat. Enjoy the view of the cliffs, there is no doubt, it is one of the best experiences in the Canary Islands. We recommend you to come during the summer, before the sunset. This is a true spectacle of colours!