Welcome to the best Carnival of Spain

Carnival is here! In March streets of the cities in the Canary Islands become a catwalk of the second largest carnival in the world. Parades, explosions of colors, music and the best disguises conquer the streets and make it a place for endless nights of celebration.

The carnivals of Canaries
Thousands of tourists visit the Canary Islands during the months of March and April to merge into a Carnival which lasts exactly two months.
The carnival of each island represents its culture and variety. Each Carnival is celebrated under a different theme, which motivates and makes the islanders creative in order to prepare the funniest disguises.

The island of La Palma celebrates every year "Los Indianos" - a carnival full of history that revokes the celebrations that received emigrants who had left in search of better life towards the Americas and who returned after having fulfilled their dreams of fortune.

In the island of Gran Canaria, it is known for famous Gala Drag Queen. It is a contest for the most artistic dance and performance with an unique musical number. Music, characterization of the dancer, movements and the high platforms on which they dance, makes it a spectacle that you will only see on this island!

In every island, thousands of disguised people go out on the streets to dance to the rhythm of dancing groups, drums, whistles, feathers and glitter, which are the stars of the day and the night.

The Gala of the Queen's Election is another most famous Carnival show. It is a colorful parade with costumes that stand out for their beauty, size and shine. They are carried by candidates for the title, who present with grace the creation of creative designers. Music and designs lift the audience up from their seats and make the Queen's Election Gala even more exciting.

As they say in the Canary Islands and as said our dear Celia Cruz, Life is a Carnival!
And after a great nights out, you'll need a comfortable bed to replenish your strength for the next party!
Put on a wig, pack your costume and come to enjoy!

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