Are you a wine lover? If your answer is yes, in Oceanbooking we propose you to discover Spain trying out enotourism! The trips that awaken your senses and emotions are more and more common. One of the missions of enotourism is to conquer your senses. Wine and its production have the magic and the good taste of the earth.

Enotourism or vinitourism is a new type of tourism, dedicated to the wine sector and winemaking topic. It is a combination of gastronomic and cultural, high quality tourism, which consists of getting tourists closer to the history and industrial heritage of each region.

Tours of wineries and vineyards in different regions, knowing how wine is made from grapes to bottling, combined with tastings and other rural activities are some of the experiences that you can live with enotourism. What more, you will meet new travel companions who have the same hobbies as you!

Don’t wait anymore and discover the richness of spanish regions with the best wines in the world!
That is our TOP 6 of spanish destinations for #enotourism:
- Lanzarote
- La Rioja
- Tenerife
- Valladolid
- Gran Canaria Jerez