On this Saturday, the 10th of June, is held the Cajamar Tenerife Bluetrail, a mountain race that offers five different modalities for people with or without disabilities, designed for mountaineers and athletes of different levels and physical conditions.

Considered to be the highest in Spain and the second in Europe, it will start from the Mirador de San Pedro in Los Realejos, cross the Teide National Park and end at Lake Martiánez in Puerto de La Cruz.

La Cajamar Tenerife Bluetrail wants to add the heart and soul of all in a single motto: "Bluetrail Spirit". The heart beats thanks to its runners who are faithful to the appointment regardless of which corner of the world they come from and the soul belongs to the families, friends and fans of the #Bluetrailers that encourage them in their training and in the competition itself.

Plan for this Saturday: "Join the Bluetrail Spirit"